Community Site Visits

Thursday, April 2nd, 12:30pm - 4:00pm

From 12:30pm – 4:00pm, join us for a series of free site visits to schools and community organizations in downtown Providence. Participants may select from the following options to explore how our featured organizations are supplementing, complementing, and enhancing public education for students in Rhode Island. Logistics around scheduling and venues will be provided shortly.

Equity Institute supports organizations and school districts in developing innovative strategies that support equitable and culturally responsive learning spaces. Our equity learning labs focus on empowering teachers and leaders to reimagine what it would look like to engineer and implement practices that create equitable outcomes for all students from diverse racial, ethnic, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

Mobile Maker Lab is a hands-on, mobile, learning platform exposing students to technologies associated with 21st Century manufacturing. The Lab works throughout RI to advance collaboration with schools & businesses by connecting K – 12 learning to real-world experiences through field trips & site visits. Inside the Lab, students leverage digital tools to engage in project based learning that aligns with a variety of career opportunities.

Nowell Leadership Academy ensures that Rhode Island’s pregnant, parenting and underserved youth graduate from high school with the knowledge and skills they need to be prepared for success in college, career and family life.  We combine a rigorous, college and career-preparatory academic curriculum with a strong network of wrap-around supports to create a high-support, high-expectations school environment.

Parents Leading for Educational Equity (PLEE RI) is a newly-founded, parent-led, grassroots organization with a mission to fight for parent voice in education decision-making, and ensure access to a high-quality public education for all children of color.

Riverzedge Arts is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving lives and places through art, design, and creative problem solving. Beyond transforming lives through our arts, entrepreneurship and education programs, Riverzedge Arts is deeply engaged in transforming the city of Woonsocket. Using the arts and creative industries as a platform, we are a driving force behind many of the city’s placemaking and economic development initiatives.

Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts (TAPA) is a Providence public charter school for students in grades 7 – 12 TAPA is a community of practice, where culture, the performing arts, and expanded learning time are all fundamental components of a rigorous academic program. TAPA is woven into the diverse and creative fabric of the city of Providence, fostering engaged, well-rounded artistic leaders with a focus on the global society.

Youth in Action creates opportunities for youth to become agents of change through transformative youth leadership programming. We create brave spaces for youth to bring their cultures, values, identities, and truths and then build the skills and tools to name and address equity issues in their communities. Through their leadership, Youth In Action works to create more caring and fair public institutions and systems.