Saturday Symposium

Saturday, April 4th, 7:30am - 4:00pm

Our main conference event is geared toward teachers, principals, and district leaders with a focus on supporting and delivering personalized instruction. Participants with a range of interests and experience may build a personalized schedule that includes sessions, classroom simulations, networking, and more.

7:30am - 8:30am
8:30am - 9:30am
9:45am - 11:00am - Session I
Shifting Instruction from Teacher-Directed to Student-Centered
Nicole Lanni, Heidi Vazquez,
Exploring student identity, agency, and ownership
Advanced Conversations for Teachers
Kara O’Connell,
An Edcamp-style format focused on networking and crowdsourcing
ES / K - 1
Culturally Responsive Teaching: Building Resiliency and Academic Mindset in Today’s Classroom
Jaime B. Estee, Ashley Goldstein,
Sponsored by Newsela
All Audiences
Social Justice & Experiential Learning: What Is It and How Can We Engage?
Dr. Noor Ali,
Applying theory to practice to empower students
Leading with the Why
Kerry Tuttlebee, Kirsten Dargis,
Leveraging the Science of Learning to Support Personalization
Coaches / Leaders
The Culture Focused Teaching Method: Strengthening Classroom Learning Environments
Kemeka Johnson, Dee Williams,
Strong classroom culture is foundational for student success
Bridge, Model, Amplify: Leveraging Targeted Professional Learning to Support Scale
Sarah Dille, Laura Browder, Amber Rinehart,
Exploring a long-term, personalized, district-level coaching initiative
Coaches / Leaders
Empowering Educator Agency through Personalized Professional Learning
Eric Haines, Jason Green,
Build your skills as a pedagogical problem solver
ES / HS / MS / Teachers
Fostering Agency & Empowerment Through Design Thinking
Jennifer Saarinen, Tom Driscoll,
A student-led, solution-seeking approach to the UN Global Goals
Immunity to Change: Shifting Mindsets & Beliefs
Michelle Kirkwood-Hughes,
Leadership mindset as a critical condition for school change
Increasing Student Voice & Collaboration
Raymond Steinmetz,
Students should be working together every day
ES / HS / MS
11:15am -12:30pm - Session II
Supporting Equity: What We’re Learning at Illustrative Mathematics
Bill McCallum,
Sponsored by McGraw-Hill
All Audiences
Pathways Schools: Sharing Successes and Planning Next Steps

For schools interested or engaged in change initiatives that leverage the Pathways to Personalization framework
All Audiences
Examining Inequitable Outcomes in K-12 Education and What You Can Do About It
Janelle Clarke-Holley, Annajane Yolken,
Ways to lead for increased equity
All Audiences
Curiosity Killed the Cat…but Satisfaction Brought it Back
Cari Warnock, Kristopher Tedesco, Dr. Kenneth Hoover,
Exploring implementation stories in classrooms, schools, and districts; by IXL
All Audiences
No Bells, No Problem: Flexible Scheduling in Support of Personalization and Transformation
Shane Heilman,
A High School Case Study
Coaches / HS / Leaders / Teachers
PBL Pathfinders: The Confluence of Authentic Learning Experiences & Student Agency
Courtney Sevigny, Liz Gencarelli, Jill Ackers-Clayton,
Project-based learning models for elementary & middle schools
Coaches / ES / K - 1 / Leaders / MS
Personalized Learning 2.0: Evolving Blended Learning Practices
Amy Ramirez, Sylvia Mejia, Danielle D Serna,
Leveraging data trends and student-created micro-goals
Elevating Teacher Voice through Personalized Coaching
Kourtney Bradshaw-Clay, Nathan Wills, Francesca Varga,
Empowering teachers to lead transformation
Coaches / Leaders
Building a Powerful Classroom Community
Rayna Freedman,
Focusing on student engagement and relationship building
Facilitating Authentic Student Engagement through Intellectual Challenge & Purposeful Connection
Jamie Bricker,
The impact on the student always means far more than the intent of the teacher
ES / K - 1 / MS
Personalization Through the LGBTQ+ Lens
Mike Miele, Dawn Manchester,
Creating an inclusive and affirming classroom for Queer Youth
ES / HS / MS
12:30pm - 1:30pm - Lunch
1:40pm - 2:25pm - Strategy Sessions
The Learning Pit
Tiffany Hervieux, Stefanie Lafleur,
Equipping students with a mindset for challenging work
Advanced Conversations for Leaders
Sarah M. Rich,
An Edcamp-style format focused on networking and crowdsourcing
Coaches / Leaders
Creating Professional Pathways for Teachers
Megan Counihan, David Reinhart,
Systemic Efforts to Professionalize and Personalize Teaching
Rigorous & Culturally Relevant Literacy & Language Instruction for Middle School ELLs
Margaret Darcy, Wayne Eichen,
Increasing engagement, rigor, and meta-cognitive thinking
Personalizing with PBS LearningMedia
Deb Ramm, Jon Rubin, Colleen Kenyon,
Leveraging free, high-quality resources to customize learning
ES / HS / K - 1 / MS
The Future of Learning is Yours (FLY): A Personalized High School Course Option
Erica DeVoe,
Eliminating constraints to a fully self-directed course of study
Do Nows & Exit Tickets: Data Driven Decisions
Sandy Francis, Juanita Dyer,
Making daily formative assessment easy and useful
ES / HS / MS
Instructional MicroShifts to Magnify Student Empowerment
Monica Housen, Ray Bielizna,
Three changes that boost student ownership
Leveraging Choice Boards in the Classroom
Jessica Donato, Heather Neil,
A thoughtful exploration of choice boards
ES / HS / K - 1 / MS
Own It! Fostering Self-Directed Learning in the Classroom
Meghan Lewis, Jessica Lombardi,
Three strategies to promote student self-direction
2:40pm - 3:55pm - Session III
XQ Session

Sponsored by XQ
Coaches / HS / Leaders / Teachers
Personalizing Learning in Three Dimensions
Paul Emerich France,
Strategies for the collective conscious, small-group instruction, and the inner dialogue
Differentiating Instruction with Freckle
Meredith Rossignol,
Sponsored by Renaissance
Shifting the Cognitive Load & Building Student Academic Agency
Mike Miele, Melinda Lopez, Dawn Manchester,
Routines that support productive struggle
The New Educator Orientation Design Challenge
Dr. Donna Vallese,
Personalizing the New Educator Experience
Coaches / Leaders
Unleashing the Power of Proficiency Based Learning through Performance Based Assessments
Amanda Grundel, Courtney Jacobs,
A high school literacy case study
HS / Leaders / MS
Personalizing Proficiency: Multiple Ways to Demonstrate Learning
Nicole Youmans, Tyrone Jefferson,
Creation tools & rubrics to support the demonstration of mastery
3 Transformative Strategies for Building The Classrooms of Tomorrow
Stephen Sholtas, Kareem Farah,
Blended, self-paced, mastery-based classrooms that serve all learners
Community Support + PBL + STEM = Purposeful Learning
Rae Hughart,
Leverage effective community partnerships to #TeachFurther
Developing Personalized, Interest-Driven, and Student-Owned Real World Learning and Projects
Arthur Eduardo Baraf,
Incorporating academically rigorous internships