Do Nows & Exit Tickets: Data Driven Decisions

Saturday, April 4th, 1:40pm - 2:25pm - Strategy Sessions

Come explore how to collect user-friendly data to make instructional decisions, create groupings and personalize. Participants will dive into the topic of using “Do Nows” and “Exit Tickets” as a way to collect real-time data that can immediately inform instruction. We will discuss tips for development, delivery, grading, and collaborative processing and reflect on best practices across various grade levels and content areas.

Sandy Francis
Sandy Francis is a veteran Algebra Teacher committing her entire career to the Syracuse City School District. She is a SyraFuse Fellow currently holding the role of PL-AVID Coach. She enjoys guiding and supporting teachers in their quest for implementing Personalized Learning with embedded AVID strategies. She is always seeking opportunities to learn and share best practices.
Juanita Dyer
Juanita Dyer is a 6th grade Math and Science teacher. She inspires to enhance student learning through personalized learning and engaging classroom experiences. She has been a teacher in the Syracuse City School District for 23 years. Juanita is a SYRA –Fuse Fellow who is dedicated to providing personalized experiences for every learner. She take pride in being a life-long learner.