Facilitating Authentic Student Engagement through Intellectual Challenge & Purposeful Connection

Saturday, April 4th, 11:15am -12:30pm - Session II

Authentic student engagement requires both intellectual challenge and purposeful connection. A student’s level of engagement for any task will obviously be heightened if he/she feels personally & passionately connected to it. This highly interactive session will help teachers unpack students’ schema backpacks, routinely provide tasks with a low floor and a high ceiling, and better appreciate the learner’s lens. Participants will experience instruction, discussion, and application exercises, all supported through a multimedia approach.

Jamie Bricker
Jamie Bricker, a former elementary school administrator and teacher, has three decades of experience in education. He is the author of The New 3 Rs of Teaching and Learning, which is driven by the key thesis that educators need to value creative and innovative thinking in our students, rather than simply rewarding good short-term memory. We must encourage students of all ages to forge the route, rather than simply follow the rote. Jamie is a highly sought-after speaker, delivering keynotes internationally to audiences of educators and students, as well as corporations and HR professionals. Jamie attained his Masters in Education (Curriculum) at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, and has relentlessly pursued heightened student achievement and engagement throughout his administrative and teaching careers. His is also the co-host of the twice monthly podcast of “Bricker by Bricker” with his wife Carol.