The Future of Learning is Yours (FLY): A Personalized High School Course Option

Saturday, April 4th, 1:40pm - 2:25pm - Strategy Sessions

The Future of Learning is Yours (FLY) course at Westerly High School offers students a choice to earn course credit in a class that is 100% personalized and self-directed. The teacher is a co-designer and facilitator alongside students, ensuring that grade-level requirements are met in a way that sparks and honors student voice and choice. Hear how an idea became a reality, yet is still an earnest work-in-progress in its third year running.

Erica DeVoe
Erica DeVoe has been teaching at Westerly High School since 2005. She earned her undergraduate degree at University of Connecticut Storrs, a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from University of Scranton and achieved National Board Certification in 2013. She completed a two-year Fuse RI Fellowship through the Highlander Institute in 2016 (Cohort 2) and served as a Fuse RI Coach in 2017. She served as Department Chairperson for 6 years, leading the department through a new curriculum adoption/development, two new principals, a new disciplinary system, and two new building schedules. And now, she’s happy to be “just” a teacher. She is most passionate about reinvigorating the high school curriculum and experience. All too often, students are sapped by the system and are willing to comply (barely!), but not willing to be ALIVE in their learning. Erica’s goal every day is to bring LIFE back into the learning experiences of students.