Leveraging Choice Boards in the Classroom

Saturday, April 4th, 1:40pm - 2:25pm - Strategy Sessions

In Woonsocket schools, student choice is a priority within our personalization efforts. This has led to the exploration of using choice boards both digitally and on paper. Choice boards enable teachers to leverage student interests and preferences to stimulate active learning and student engagement. Participants in this session will explore how choice boards can guide students through a variety of experiences, including a comparison of content and delivery models across different subject areas. We will also discuss how our use of choice in the classroom continues to evolve – and be informed by successes, failures, and the context within specific classrooms.

Jessica Donato
Jessica Donato is a 19 year teaching veteran who has spent those years teaching grades K-5 both in the classroom and as a reading specialist. Jess spent her last two years in the classroom as a Lead Blended Learning Teacher focusing on small group instruction and meaningful integration of technology. She started her coaching work in 2017 as a district induction coach where she provided job-embedded professional development and mentoring to first-year teachers. She continues that work today as an Instructional Coach where she strives to enhance, advance & transform the educational experiences for both teachers and students.
Heather Neil
Heather Neil has been a teacher in Woonsocket for 21 years and is also a Cohort 1 Fuse RI Fellow. The knowledge acquired as a Fuse Fellow combined with spending 6 years of her career as a Technology Integration Specialist has allowed her role to morph into that of the K-12 District Blended Learning Coach. In this role she provides job-embedded professional development that impacts teacher instruction and student achievement.