Personalizing Learning in Three Dimensions

Saturday, April 4th, 2:40pm - 3:55pm - Session III

Many think that personalization must happen in one-to-one situations, but personalization can happen throughout all parts of the school day with the high-impact classroom practices we’ll explore in this session. In our session, participants will explore the three dimensions of personalized learning (the collective conscious, small-group instruction, the inner dialogue) and identify high-impact classroom practices that make learning meaningful, relevant, and personal to every learner in each dimension.

Paul Emerich France
Paul is a National Board Certified Educator in Chicago. His writing has been featured in a number of prominent education publications, such as EdSurge, ASCD’s “Educational Leadership”, and the International Literacy Association’s “Literacy Today.” He has also been featured in the New Yorker. He currently teaches third grade and loves every moment of it.