Rigorous & Culturally Relevant Literacy & Language Instruction for Middle School ELLs

Saturday, April 4th, 1:40pm - 2:25pm - Strategy Sessions

Increase MS ELL student engagement and outcomes by diving into authentic, diverse novels that are relevant to student’s lives. Participants will learn how to leverage scaffolds, media, and modeling to help students access rigorous text; experience Read-Aloud and Think Aloud routines; and explore text choices that reflect your student body and their cultural or SEL needs.

Margaret Darcy
A teacher trying to make a difference! M.Ed. ELA, ESL, Summit Basecamp program teacher and coach at DelSesto Middle School at Providence Public Schools focusing on ELL teaching techniques, learning strategies, and use of technology to drive language proficiency.
Wayne Eichen
Wayne served as a consultant to the New York State Department of Education as a teacher on assignment and ran numerous state workshops related to technology and instruction. He also served as an instructional technology coach in the Sarasota, Florida School system, for 3 years, and helped facilitate a one year 27-point increase in student FCAT math scores, at a Title 1 school with a high ELL population. He has been dedicated to using technology to increase student achievement for over 30 years, as consultant, trainer, Account Executive, Area VP of Sales, and currently serves as the National Account Executive for Intervention Programs at Pearson. He has a Masters Degree in Learning Disabilities, and is certified in Ed Leadership in Florida, and ESE K-12 (Special Education) for Florida and New York.