The Culture Focused Teaching Method: Strengthening Classroom Learning Environments

9:45am - 11:00am - Session I

Building an effective learning environment requires teachers to juggle an overwhelming amount of logistics and processes as well as student behaviors and emotions. There is a lack of focus and inconsistent training on building a strong classroom culture, even when this foundational skill set is often directly correlated with teacher job satisfaction. This session will clearly define effective classroom culture and offer key strategies to support effective learning environments – all of which call on individual educators to self-reflect on their personalities, biases, and fears, in an effort to better understand and connect with the students in their classrooms. Through role-playing, group juggling, journal reflection, discussion, and creation, participants will explore how to identify facets of their learning environments that can be strengthened to better position all students for success. Participants will leave with the Culture Focused Teaching System, including practical applications and examples of key strategies.

Kemeka Johnson
Dr. Kemeka Johnson holds a Doctorate in Education Leadership and an Educational Specialist Degree, from South Carolina State University of Orangeburg SC. She also earned a Master of Arts in Human Recourses from Webster University, St. Louis Missouri and Bachelors of Science in Economics from South Carolina State University, Orangeburg SC. Dr. Johnson has over 15 years of experience in education. She is certified in both Elementary and Secondary education. She has developed curricula on Soft skills and Career to Work, Classroom Management, and Instructional Interventions. She traveled throughout the state of South Carolina facilitating entrepreneurship, business courses, and classroom strategies to high school students, teachers, and business owners. Dr. Johnson is an accomplished Educator and Assistant Principal with proven expertise in teaching curriculum development and program development. She is an author, presenter, motivational speaker, and educational consultant.
Dee Williams
Dr. Demestress Bell Williams, aka, Dr. Dee is an 18-year veteran educator with expertise in classroom management and culture-focused teaching systems that aid in building a cooperative classroom culture for educators world-wide. Dr. Williams is also an international educational consultant who has trained teachers in China, Puerto Rico, London & Tanzania. Dr. Dee is also the author of the upcoming book, “The Culture-Focused Teaching Method” and she co-authored a Classroom Management Manual along with the co-presenter entitled, “At The Core: The Reflective Practitioner’s View of Classroom Management”; both to be released January 2020. In addition to consulting, Dr. Williams also teaches college courses at Benedict College in the Communication & Arts Department. Dr. Dee is the Founder & President of Dr. Dee Educaitonal Consulting. With a focus on information and inspiration, Dr. Dee has her own Radio Show, “Live Discussions w/Dr. Dee” (viewed on FB Live, YouTube, & Instagram, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast  & Spotify).