The Learning Pit

Saturday, April 4th, 1:40pm - 2:25pm - Strategy Sessions

Come explore how a school adopted “The Learning Pit” mindset to guide students through challenges. The Learning Pit is a powerful analogy for learning that is used in K-5 classrooms to help students conquer rigorous tasks. Designed by James Nottingham, it is one way to explain why being challenged leads to enhanced learning. It guides teachers to encourage students to use grit and perseverance to find success. Participants will hear how a school adopted this mindset and developed common language across all settings to create thoughtful, reflective learners in the classroom.

Stefanie Lafleur
Stefanie Lafleur is the principal of Greystone Elementary School in North Providence, RI.
Tiffany Hervieux
Tiffany is a third grade teacher and a Pathways pilot teacher at Greystone School in North Providence, RI.