The New Educator Orientation Design Challenge

Saturday, April 4th, 2:40pm - 3:55pm - Session III

Syracuse City School District hires around 200 new educators every year in various roles and with various levels of experience.  Each year the district refines its approach to personalizing their 10-day orientation to better meet the needs of incoming educators each year.  This session will provide you with structures, time, and support to design your process for orienting your new educators for the upcoming school year in a way that meets their needs.

Dr. Donna Vallese
Dr. Donna Vallese currently serves as the Coordinator of Educator Effectiveness for the Syracuse City School District in Syracuse, NY.  The highlights of her current work encompasses overseeing the induction of new educators, leading the educator evaluation process for educators in all roles across the district, facilitating the performance review process for all probationary educators, and training leaders, coaches, independent evaluators and mentors.  Donna brings a wide range of experiences and perspectives from school, district, state, and university levels as well as urban, suburban, and rural districts.  Prior to working in Syracuse, she served as Principal at the Nowell Leadership Academy in RI, Founding Dean of Academics at Blackstone Valley Prep High School in RI, Education Specialist at the RI Department of Education, Adjunct Professor at University of Saint Joseph and University of Phoenix, Technology Coordinator and Teacher at Franklin Elementary School in CT, and Elementary Teacher at Voluntown Public Schools and Norwich Public Schools in CT.  Dr. Donna is dedicated to working with educators to improve outcomes for students through the promotion of equity and personalization.