School Site Visits

Thursday, April 2nd, 8:30am - 12:00pm

Join a school site visit to get a firsthand look at how a Rhode Island school is making the shift toward personalized learning. Groups of visitors will spend the morning observing blended classrooms, talking to teachers and students, considering current lessons learned, and discussing challenges. Tickets are limited so register early.

Achievement First Iluminar Mayoral Academy

Achievement First Iluminar Mayoral Academy opened in August 2015 in Providence, RI and serves 467 students in grades K-4. Iluminar’s focus on high-leverage data protocols have led to highly effective intervention structures and tailored supports for students. The school takes pride in creating a deeply inclusive, positive, and supportive environment for all learning, including exceptional learners and children that are multi-lingual learners; and has achieved the #1 results in the state in both math and ELA on the 2018 RICAS. Culturally relevant curriculum, blended platforms, and theater/arts specials are also critical components of the student experience at Iluminar.

Asa Messer Elementary School – SOLD OUT

Asa Messer is an urban elementary school that has been focused on personalized learning for more than 5 years. The school has leveraged early adopter teachers to help scale innovative practices. Most classrooms use a station rotation model with a focus on student collaboration and problem solving. Approximately 550 students, with 92% students of color and 89% of students qualifying for FRPL.

Eden Park Elementary School – SOLD OUT

Eden Park Elementary School has been focused on blended and personalized learning over the last three years. Partnering with Fielding Nair International, the school redesigned a wing of its school to be “learning centered”. Classrooms have been replaced with learning labs and studios. In grades 3-5, students engage in authentic challenges that foster original thinking and student ownership. In kindergarten, students participate in the Boston Public developmental program that focuses on centers and authentic projects. Grades 1-2 are developing an instructional program that bridges these learning experiences. Approximately 300 students, with 60% students of color and 42% of students qualifying for FRPL.

Riverside Middle School – SOLD OUT

Riverside Middle School is an urban ring middle school located in East Providence, RI. The school has focused on personalizing learning with a blend of traditional, technology-based, and project-based learning components. Visitors will spend time in mathematics and social studies departments. Approximately 540 students, with 29% students of color and 48% of students qualifying for FRPL.

Barrington Middle School – SOLD OUT

Barrington Middle School is in a brand new, state-of-the-art educational facility supporting rigorous, 21st century learning. Across the K-12 district, teachers are creating Deep Learning Projects based on New Pedagogies Deep Learning 6 Cs of character, citizenship, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. The middle and high school are also using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to provide students with opportunities to think and act like global citizens. Approximately 800 students, with 15% students of color and 5% of students qualifying for FRPL.

North Providence High School

North Providence High School’s educational program is designed to engage students in active, collaborative learning that emphasizes the development of critical thinking skills applied to real-world concepts. The school is committed to encouraging student voice through a strong pathways program, student choice in assessment, and self-selection into the Summit Learning platform. Approximately 1,100 students, with 40% students of color and 38% of students qualifying for FRPL.

The MET High School – SOLD OUT

The hallmarks of a Met education include internships, individual learning plans, strong family engagement, advisory, and a breakthrough college transition program. Advisors work with mentors, parents, and students to build a personalized curriculum around the students’ interests, searching out professionals in the community to pursue those interests in the real world. Students develop rigorous projects that become the foundation for their learning plan and provide opportunities for the student to explore and master content, skills, and reasoning. Approximately 150 students, with 72% students of color and 70% of students qualifying for FRPL.